Don't Kashh It

Don't Kashh It


Nobody can tell the 'Smoking' story better than the smokers.

Get a 'Parivartan India' Badge when any of your relative say 'NO' to 'SMOKE' !
How it works...

» Step 1 «
Tell your friends and relatives about "Don't Kashh it" program of Parivartan India. Smoking Kills; Explain them.

» Step 2 «
Counsel them on regular day interwals and take an initiative to make your motherland SMOKE FREE.

» Step 3 «
You earn a 'Parivartan India' Badge whenever your relative becomes a part of 'SMOKE FREE' Pilkhuwa.

'Parivartan India' is determind to make Pilkhuwa A SMOKE FREE zone by 2018. Now its your turn to take responsibility for your nation,... for your motherland,... for your generation by Joining this campaign. Become a part of this ultimate change and make 'India' as a 'Parivartan India'.


"Don't Kashh it" Demonstration

Smoking Kills