About Us

Parivartan India is an ideology which provides a platform to everyone to make aware for their human holders and constitutional rights and duties for better living. We organize meetings with people, organize competitions and make man to man interactions for providing a better service. Time to time we organize competitions & tournaments for developing the fraternity over all the religions, awareness, developed & united India and much more. You can access all the obligatory information required for your virtuous intent Through this portal.

Parivartan India (PI) was established in 2013, and has since emerged as a "prime builder" of social / moral values of society up to the grassroots level as well as a promoter of vital opportunities for sustainable development. PI, through its ONLINE Network, "PISJPO", has institutional linkages with all the Colleges /Schools in the area, aprox 10 Government/ Semi-Government, and about 25 Private institutions of Pilkhuwa. PI has been instrumental in steering events facilitating improvement in public services, wider transparency, promoting decentralized planning and management, resulting in better efficiency and accountability to the people of India.

"Samanya-Jagrukta-Pratiyogita" programme for lagislation awareness has been spearheaded by PI to derive competitive advantage by implementing Constitutional Rights and Duties in social & public administration. The following major activities are being undertaken:

  • Samanya Jagrukta Pratiyogita (SJP)
  • Open Chess Tournament
  • "Don't Kashh It" A programme for Smoke-free Pilkhuwa
  • VOTE India, Support India
  • 'Mulaquaat'-A guardians meet
  • 'Saweraa'-A Quotation programme

During the last three years, PI has worked for those thousands of people who are socially/ economically challenged in various departments and areas of society, using constitutional Acts, Rights and Duties. During 2013 and early part of 2014, the founder of PI was on creating "Management Information Committee (MIC)" and "Decision Support Committee (DSC)" for development , planning and responsive administration in Organization which led to the genesis of present day "Parivartan India". "Bridging the Digital Divide", "Social and Financial Inclusion through SJP" and "Reaching- the-Unreached" concepts were tried and made operational in the late 2014. PI has vast expertise and experience in the design, development and operationalisation of various events in the areas of Public Administration and Society like Education & Empowerment, Sports, Helth, Awareness, Forestry & Environment, Fiscal Resources, Rural Development, Culture & Mankind, Social Welfare Services, etc. With increasing awareness leading to demand and availability of PI infrastructure with better capacities and programme framework.

PI has set up state-of-the-art WMC infrastructure to manage the information systems and websites of the Organization. Parivartan Knowledge Network (PKN) has been set up to connect schools/colleges and institutions/organizations.

Various initiatives like Samanya Jagrukta Pratiyogita(SJP), Guardians meet(Mulaquaat), PI Open Chess Tournament (OCT), Quotation note (Saweraa), etc. have been taken up which are replicable in various institutional organizations.

Citizen centric services are also being rendered electronically at the website level, such as file RTI Online, FIR Online, and PI Study Materials etc. along with other services like RTE portals, Link for Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, Previous Year Question Papers & their keys to name a few.

In executing all these activities, PI has been given recognition in terms of awards and accolades in verious levels, which are listed in the Awards Section.

Thus, PI, a small program started by the PI President, in the early 2013, became fully functional in 2015 and since then has grown with tremendous momentum to become one of the India's major Organization; people promoting our working style led development. This has helped to usher in the required transformation in society to ably meet the challenges of the new millennium.

Surely you will also like this effort. Thank You,

Parivartan India